I am able to accept both traditional and modern upholstery projects and have completed a number of commissions.

With reupholstery projects I take the item back to the frame; stripping back what can be multiple layers of fabric, horse hair, coir and hessian layers in the case of traditional pieces or rubberised horsehair or foam for modern pieces. 

Once the frame has been exposed Mr Handmade will work on wooden frames and exposed wood, filling holes made by tack or staples, sanding down and cleaning the wood whilst taking care to maintain the beautiful patinas the make each piece so pecial and unique.

For recovering projects I will remove the top fabric(s) and consult with you prior to continuing with the project and again, Mr Handmade will work on any exposed wood.

Once the wooden frame has been restored I then reupholster using excellent quality upholstery supplies and fabrics or indeed, the client’s fabric of choice.

I would be delighted to take on upholstery and recovering projects subject to requirementents and location. 

Please contact me directly to discuss.