Quilts - ready made

I have a selection of ready made quilts available on my Etsy shop, please click here to be redirected. 

Quilt sizes:

Baby: sizes vary from pram to cot and play mat sizes and anything in between  Baby quilts will grow with the child and can be used in the cot and then on a bed as a topper.  Play mats may also have a waterproof backing fabric should you wish.

Single: the sizes for singles can vary in length as some beds have a foot board and would need a made  as slightly shorter quilt.

Lap: suitable for cooler evenings and will fold over the back, or arm, of a favourite seating place be it a chair or the sofa.  Lap quilts can also be made to suit wheelchair users and can be designed and adapted to be used as a shoulder cape and lap cosy.

Double and King: Decorative and cosy, quilts are not nly for bedrooms; they are great when used to snuggle under in front of the fire whilst listening to music, chatting or watching television or when sitting outside on cooler evenings.

Standard Sizes*:

Pram:                         90cm x 70cm
Cot / play mat:       120cm x 100cm
Single standard:     150cm x 120cm
Lap / picnic:            135cm x 135 cm
Double:                   200cm x 200cm
King:                       220cm x 225cm

*please note sizes can vary due to pattern / design.